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The Enzle Market Index (EMI)

The Enzle Market Index : Answering the question "What is the Real Estate Market doing?"

The Enzle Market Index (EMI) is a proprietary measure that captures the activity and growth of certain real estate markets, looking at 9 different indicators of an area and combining them in such a way that can gauge the growth of a market from past years. There are many different types of indices used in industry today to capture measurements, such as the Consumer Price Index for Inflation or the S&P 500 for market valuations. Using the same logic, the EMI measures variance, activity, and growth of real estate market's and is used as an aide for determining valuations and future predictions for growth in certain locations.


iOS and Android Applications; both currently in development. Once available, subscribers to Enzle Analytics will be able to access all three platforms (Android, iOS, and Website).

Android Application - In Development

iOS Application - In Development

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